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VI Peel Pristine Rejuvenation

Chemical Peels in Farmington Hills, MI

VI Peel

Why VI Peel?

Everyone wants beautiful healthy skin. Restore the health & appearance of your skin with a VI peel. Chemical Peels exfoliate dead skin, stimulate cell renewal, and regenerate skin. Peels are classified based on their depth of penetration, from very superficial to deep. The depth is based on the type(s) of peeling agents as well as their percentages. The VI Peel is a medium-depth medical grade skin-resurfacing chemical peel that stimulates collagen and increases skin cell turnover to reveal smoother and more radiant skin. The VI Peel has been recognized by industry leaders as the #1 Skin Peel and has a peel for each skin concern. With 5 custom blends targeted for each of your needs, VI Peel helps treat all skin concerns such as aging skin, active acne, acne scarring, melasma, sun damage, keratosis pilaris and much more.

VI Peel Pristine Rejuvenation

How the VI Peel works?

The VI Peel is a unique blend of 5 acids designed to target multiple conditions.  All VI Peels are formulated using synergistic blends of TCA, phenol, retinoic acid, salicylic acid, and ascorbic acid at lower individual concentrations. This combination allows the VI Peel to penetrate the dermis at a medium depth level without the destruction and longer healing time that a straight acid peel would incur while still achieving the same outcome. Using peeling agents in straight acid form also increases the risk of complications. The blended VI Peel formulations add nutrients such as antioxidant vitamin C, along with ingredients for pigment suppression and acne control, allowing the peels to address conditions that a straight acid alone cannot.

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What makes the VI Peel unique?

Blended Peels are Superior to Single Acid Peels! Single-Acid peels inherently treat a limited number of conditions. For example, a straight TCA peel is amazing at combating the signs of aging. Unfortunately, obtaining impactful results requires a high percentage of TCA. Not only is it painful, but treatment will also be limited to Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-III. Blended peels, such as the VI peel are safe and effective for all skin types and have the ability to not only address a primary concern but will simultaneously address any secondary skin conditions that you may have as well.

What to expect during your VI Peel treatment?

During your consultation, we will assess your skin and review your medical history to ensure it’s a safe treatment option for you. After discussing your goals and creating a treatment plan, we choose one of the five specifically formulated peels based on the skin concerns being addressed. The treatment is painless (you may feel some mild stinging) and takes around 20 minutes. It begins with a thorough cleansing & preparation of the treatment area, followed by multiple applications of the VI Peel. After application is complete your skin will be flushed and slightly tanned in appearance.

The first two days your skin will look a little tan, bronzed, or pink. It may also feel a bit tight before the peeling begins. The first signs of peeling usually begin around the mouth area, continuing for a day or two, and by day seven most peeling is complete. The amount of visible peeling you will experience varies greatly and occurs over 7 days.

Sun exposure should be limited and we recommend avoiding it on days three and four when peeling is generally heavier to avoid uneven exposure, We provide you with complete aftercare instructions and VI post-peel products, sunscreen along with a moisturizer, to calm inflammation, moisturize, and protect your skin during the post-treatment healing process. Based on the condition of your skin multiple treatments may be needed to achieve your desired result.

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