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Eyebrow Beautification: Your Everything Guide on Brow Tinting

brow tinting

Did you know that women spend an average of 11 minutes a day getting ready?

Many women spend more time on their brows than any other part of their face. Doing your brows every day can be a delicate but tedious procedure. What if we told you there was an easy and affordable solution?

Investing in brow procedures can help you save time and boost your confidence. Brow tinting offers semi-permanent beautification in only 15 to 20 minutes. Learn about the process, its costs, and more below.

Brow Tinting: What Is It?

Brow tinting is a semi-permanent procedure that uses a gentle dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. The purpose of brow tinting is to match the color of your natural brows. It should do so while creating the appearance of fuller, more emphasized brows.

Is Brow Tinting Right For You?

Tinting your brows has many advantages, including being temporary and affordable. The cost makes up for itself as it is very effective. However, it might not be suitable for everyone.

There are many salons and spas that offer brow tinting, but some aren’t FDA-approved. The most significant risk is often the tint itself.

According to the FDA website, “No color additives have FDA approval. This approval covers permanent dyeing or tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows.

The FDA prohibits professional lash and brow tints in California. In California, salons cannot use treatments that have not received certification. This is because permanent eyebrow tints and dyes can cause serious eye injuries.

There are measures to reduce dangers in the remaining 49 states. Before your treatment, find out what kind of color your brow expert is using.

It’s also best to perform a patch test 24 hours before your treatment. This ensures that the dye is compatible with your skin and hair. This also ensures that you do not have any negative response from the tinting agent.

How Long Will Brow Tinting Last?

The fact is that brow tinting lasts so long but not too long, nor too short. This is brow tint’s best quality. But, as with most dyes, your results may vary.

Under normal circumstances, a brow tint should last from 4-6 weeks. Consider using your go-to brow products as a supplement if you need a touch-up. Keep in mind to only do this before the next brow tint to reduce the chance of discomfort or over-processing.

You should delay washing your brows for at least 12 hours. An ideal wait time is 24 hours after getting them tinted.

You also want to avoid using abrasive skincare products after your procedure. Avoid using harsh cleansers near your brows, especially those containing acids. This includes products with AHAs, including glycolic acid and lactic acid.

Using products like this will reduce the longevity of your brow tint. Your tint will rinse out with frequent cleansing. This is similar to how hair color fades if you wash it too much.

How Much Does Brow Tinting Cost?

The price will vary depending on your city and the salon or spa you visit. Another important consideration is the product your brow expert employs. The average price ranges from $40 to $80.

Brow Tinting vs. Microblading

Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent procedure used to darken or define your brows. Using an eyebrow brush, the artist applies color to your brows’ arches. Within six to twelve weeks, the color should start to disappear.

The brow tinting process lasts 15 to 20 minutes. You will first speak with an expert to decide how full and natural you want your brows to look.

The first layer of tint gets applied in the direction of your brows’ natural growth. The second layer is then applied in the opposite direction. Your brow specialist may leave the dye on for a few minutes between layers to achieve the best color.

Any extra is then removed with a damp paper towel. If you notice the color on the skin beneath your brows, don’t stress out. Those effects will fade after a day or two.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique. It requires a hand tool with several needles soaked in pigment. A tattoo artist uses this to form “hair strokes” in the brows.

The needle deposits pigment beneath the skin’s surface. It does so while making minute incisions within the skin.

Difference in Looks

With looks, eyebrow tinting and microblading produce different effects. Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent procedure that uses pigment. This gets applied with an eyebrow brush.

This process makes your brows darker or more defined. The strands in your eyebrows get enhanced in a more subtle manner. Microblading aims to fill in gaps or spaces between your brows.

Eyebrow tinting often results in darker or more defined eyebrows. On the other hand, the final result of microblading would be hair-like strokes. These strokes fill in the sparse areas of your brows and give them a fuller, more natural appearance.

The Difference in Who Can Get

The best option for people seeking a long-term way to enhance their brows is microblading. This process provides fuller, thicker, and more defined-looking brows. This will last for years, even if you have uneven patches or very fine eyebrow hair.

Microblading is an alternative for people whose brows have lost hair density. Your eyebrows may no longer have pigment, but the treatment can make them look fuller.

The Difference in Aftercare

One of the best things about brow tinting is that it is low maintenance. After allowing the dye to set and rest, you can go back to your regular activities. 

However, after a microblading session, you may need to change your routine until the treated area has healed. For example, you may need to avoid swimming, soaking in water, and using saunas. You must also avoid facials or chemical peels after microblading.

Learn More About Brow Tinting Today

Brow tinting can be a great procedure for women who want darker or more defined brows. It’s low maintenance, affordable, and semi-permanent.

Are you looking to get a professional brow tint? That’s where we come in. Contact us today to find out if brow tinting is for you.