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Leg Waxing

Face & Body Waxing in Farmington Hills, MI

Waxing has been a popular beauty go-to for decades for people who want to get rid of unwanted hair fast. It can be performed on multiple areas of the face and body and is suitable for both men and women. If you’re tired of constantly shaving to rid yourself of embarrassing, unwanted hair, then waxing may the longer-lasting solution you’ve been searching for.

Leg Waxing

How does waxing work?

We apply specially formulated wax to the treatment area and give it time to cool and adhere to the hair. We then remove it in a swift motion, which takes the hair out by the root and leaving you with smooth, baby-soft skin. Over time, waxing thins out hair follicles which eventually leads to long-lasting smoothness.

Does waxing hurt?

Since waxing involves pulling the hair from the root, it can cause some discomfort when compared to other hair removal options. In most cases, clients say the discomfort disappears quickly and is worth it for the smooth, hair-free results. At Pristine Rejuvenation, your waxing specialist is expertly trained on how to minimize any discomfort. The more regular waxing you get for a particular area, the less uncomfortable it will be each time.

What types of wax are available?

We offer two options for effective hair removal – hard and soft wax. Hard wax is gentler on your skin, less painful to remove, and is better suited for sensitive areas. It’s applied without strips and is great for grabbing shorter hair. Soft wax is better suited for larger areas, like legs or back. It is applied in strips and adheres well to fine hair.

How long do results from waxing last?

The amount of time you enjoy the smooth results from waxing will depend on the specific area of the body and how quickly your hair grows. Typically, results can last for several weeks, with most clients waiting 4-6 weeks between treatments. At your appointment, your waxing specialist will give you a better idea of the time frame based on your situation.

How much does waxing cost at Pristine Rejuvenation?

We offer waxing in these areas at the following prices:

  • Upper lip – $10
  • Eyebrows – $20
  • Arms – $40
  • Under arms – $25
  • Lower leg – $25
  • Full leg – $50


What’s my next step to smooth skin with waxing in West Bloomfield?

Pristine Rejuvenation is your authority on waxing the right way. Book your consultation online by clicking here or give us a call at (248) 955-3535 today and get ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair!