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How Does Hair Rejuvenation Work?

Around half of all men aged 50 or older are bald. Balding is a common issue that many men have to face at some point in their lives. Even if you don’t go completely bald, you will likely experience some degree of hair thinning, receding, and/or patchiness. 

Of course, no one wants to deal with thin and patchy hair. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to. Hair rejuvenation treatments can keep your hair looking and feeling thick and healthy. But what does this treatment involve and does it really work?

Keep reading and learn more about how a hair rejuvenation procedure can help you minimize bald spots and thinning hair. 

What You Need to Know About Hair Rejuvenation

Hair loss occurs for a variety of reasons. In most cases, it is genetic. For example, if members of your immediate family have suffered from baldness, you will be more likely to experience baldness or at least hair thinning. 

In other cases, however, thinning hair may instead have to do with poor nutrition and blood circulation. Your hair follicles, along with the rest of your body, need a steady flow of nutrients and oxygen to remain healthy. Usually, hair follicles get this from the blood since blood is already rich in different nutrients as well as oxygen. 

However, sometimes not enough blood is able to reach the hair follicles in the scalp and, as a result, the follicles will not be as healthy as they used to be and they won’t be able to produce full and healthy hair. This may also occasionally occur in the case of vitamin deficiencies. 

Whatever the case, if your hair follicles are not getting the nutrients they need, they’re not going to be able to produce healthy and attractive hair. This is where a hair rejuvenation procedure can help. Specifically, you can consider AnteAGE microneedling solutions. 

The Details

This solution uses human growth factors to rejuvenate your scalp like never before. These growth factors are able to stimulate your scalp and bring more blood to the area. This, of course, will allow the scalp to reap the benefits of all the nutrients and oxygen that the blood has to offer. 

Besides that, the human growth factors on their own can provide a variety of benefits. Specifically, they can stimulate the follicles by repairing them and providing anti-inflammatory factors. Fighting inflammation is very important because thinning hair can often be the result of too much inflammation and stress in the body. 

Simply by soothing an inflamed scalp, it will be much easier for hair follicles to do what they’re supposed to do: grow. Also, by repairing damaged and inflamed hair follicles, it will be easier for those hair follicles to go about their normal purpose. Human growth factors can also repair scalp tissue in general in addition to the hair follicles. 

Of course, the healthier your scalp is, the easier it will be for it to grow a full and healthy head of hair. But the benefits of hair rejuvenation don’t stop there. 

Other Benefits of Hair Rejuvenation

This hair rejuvenation procedure works by using microneedling technology. If you don’t know what this is, microneedling, as the name suggests, involves the use of many tiny needles that are injected into your scalp.  

This microneedling technology is beneficial for hair growth for a variety of reasons. For one, microneedling allows direct access to your scalp and hair follicles. 

That way, human growth factors can reach your scalp without any issues. This is one of the reasons why this procedure is better than many other hair loss treatments such as creams that only sit on top of your scalp and very slowly dissolve into your skin. Microneedling allows for immediate administration. 

What You Need to Know

Besides that, the very process of microneedling is beneficial for your scalp. As those tiny needles pierce your scalp, your scalp will respond by producing extra collagen and by sending more blood to the area. As mentioned before, by attracting more blood to the region, more oxygen and nutrients will be able to nourish your scalp and hair follicles so that they can grow in a healthier way. 

Besides that, stimulating the scalp enough to produce more collagen will also help with your hair loss efforts. Collagen can reinforce the scalp and heal any cellular damage that may have taken place there. This is especially important if your scalp has been ravaged by inflammation and poor nutrition. 

Once your scalp starts producing more collagen, it will start to look and feel a lot healthier. When added with the AnteAGE serum used in this treatment, the results of this treatment will only be compounded. The human growth factors in the serum will take advantage of your scalp once it is already stimulated so that it can give your hair follicles the nutritional boost they need.  

What else could you ask for from a hair rejuvenation procedure?

All About Hair Rejuvenation

Losing your hair can take a serious hit to your self-esteem, but you don’t have to deal with thin hair forever if you consider hair rejuvenation. With a procedure like this, you can stimulate and heal your scalp so it can start growing in a much more efficient and healthy way. 

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