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Meet Maureen Roxberry- Michigan’s premier hair stylist & hair rehab specialist!

At Pristine Rejuvenation, we love to highlight local successful entrepreneurs in the beauty industry & are excited to introduce you to Maureen Roxberry, a hair stylist in Southeast Michigan that is turning heads with her revolutionary hair treatments.

Maureen is passionate about her work as a hair stylist & has been in the industry for several years. She’s known for making her clients visions a reality with her creativity & stellar techniques. Originally from South Florida she moved to Michigan three years ago & started Salon 954 as an independent hair stylist based out of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Since then she has been busy treating & nurturing clients with her phenomenal skills & attention to detail. With Maureen, she takes the time to listen to you, create a vision & execute it flawlessly.

Maureen has a special talent in damaged hair rehab, and creating lived-in-looks using balayage (no foils 😮), working with the natural levels of the hair.

According to Maureen, “Massive transformations aren’t my vibe y’all, but my LOVE for painting and damaged hair therapy has got me mad excited this season 🌺 “

Maureen has a real passion for damaged hair rehab! Whether the hair is damaged by chemicals, hot tools, or both, there are revolutionary products available to reconstruct wrecked tresses. She is Olaplex and Cezanne hair botox certified, and has customized treatment plans for even the most seemingly irreversible damage. Olaplex treatments and tailored masks used in conjunction with Cezanne hair botox delivers undeniable results that are scientifically proven to restore, restructure, and revitalize. These are high impact services that literally change her clients lives in one 2.5 hour session!

Maureen also has a knack for Hand Painted Balayage. She loves to provide low maintenance “lived-in” looks that are natural, easy to wear, and preserve the optimum health and integrity of the hair. Balayage is a process of customized placement and lightening that takes roughly 3 hours in the salon. It provides a more modern look than traditional woven foil highlights of the past, and is only maintained every 3-4 months. High maintenance hair is over, step into sun-kissed style with balayage!

If your looking for a passionate & highly skilled hairstylist in Southeast Michigan then reach out to Maureen at 954Style!

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IG: @salon954