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What is Microneedling?

One of the most innovative ways to rejuvenate your skin is through the process of microneedling! Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin procedure suitable and effective for all skin types. It uses an electric skin needling device containing very fine needles that penetrate the upper layers of the skin and creates controlled “invisible” micro-injuries. This stimulates your body’s natural wound healing process and leads to effective remodeling of scar tissue.

Microneedling also creates new layers of elastin and collagen-the building blocks of youthful skin, which is why it’s also referred to as collagen induction therapy. We use the SkinPen® for our microneedling treatments because it’s the gold standard of microneedling devices with clinically proven results!

SkinPen West Bloomfield Michigan

Why Use SkinPen?

SkinPen® is the first microneedling device in the world cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with multiple clinical trials demonstrating its safety and effectiveness.  Unlike many microneedling devices on the market, SkinPen’s single-use – sterile needle cartridge is built with safety in mind. SkinPen is also surrounded by a proprietary BioSheath that acts as a barrier to prevent cross-contamination between procedures.
Microneedling Before and After

What does it treat?

Anyone can benefit from microneedling! It can be used on many different body parts, including the face, neck, décolletage, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and back, as well as for hair restoration. It treats a variety of skin concerns and reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture, hyperpigmentation and dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, rosacea, and sun damage. Microneedling reduces hyperpigmention and dark spots by breaking up the pigment beneath the skin surface. With the influx of collagen and elastin, lines and wrinkles can be significantly reduced. When a blemish ruptures it will damage the surrounding tissue, and your skin rebuilds itself with collagen.

Microneedling eliminates this scarred collagen and prompts new collagen to heal over the area and scarring becomes significantly less noticeable. Microneedling has shown to be effective for rejuvenating sluggish, dull skin. Most will experience an improvement in the tone and texture of the skin. Your skin becomes tighter and smoother after even one treatment, although for dramatic improvements we recommend a series of at least 3 treatments spaced 30 days apart. Microneedling is perfect for those who want great results, but don’t want to experience the downtime associated with deeper laser resurfacing treatments.

Microneedling with AnteAGE MD Serum

At Pristine Rejuvenation, we offer AnteAGE® MD microneedling solution as an additional option to enhance your microneedling treatment! AnteAGE MD Microneedling Solution contains pro-healing, anti-inflammatory growth factors, the specialized cells that science has shown functions as the “command and control” of healing in all injured tissues. Research shows the role growth factors play in tissue repair, particularly the skin. AnteAGE pioneered the science of reactivating the skin’s natural regenerative properties by using growth factors derived from bone marrow, the most natural and powerful option to restore youthful skin.

These products are 100% free of inflammatory cells, cell fragments, RNA, or DNA. Your skin contains hundreds of different growth factors used to manage the healing process or nearly flawless regeneration. These are the most intelligent anti-inflammatory agents in your body. With young skin, our naturally occurring growth factors are robust and responsive, keeping skin smooth, elastic, and radiant. But as we age, we have fewer of these cells available to repair skin damage. Over time this damage adds up and our skin health deteriorates. Growth Factors are now established by peer-reviewed research as the highest level of optimization in anti-aging skincare.

What to expect?

The best results are achieved by completing a series of treatments with microneedling. The number of treatments required depends on what condition the skin is in and your cosmetic goals. During your consultation, we will review your medical history to ensure it’s a safe treatment option and provide you with a customized treatment plan and post-care products to ensure proper healing and skin regeneration.

Prior to your treatment, we apply a medical-grade topical numbing cream. Numbing time is about 30 minutes, and the procedure itself takes 30 minutes, The microneedling pen will move quickly across the skin, and may feel somewhat prickly and more sensitive in certain areas, but not very uncomfortable due to the numbing cream. There are varying depths for the needles to penetrate the skin based on the area and skin damage. A medical-grade topical skin product containing growth factors and other skin-nourishing ingredients will also be applied during your treatment. The new microchannels in the skin will absorb these ingredients more effectively, providing your skin with exceptional results! There will most likely be pinpoint bleeding during the treatment, which will stop almost immediately.

There are minimal side effects and downtime following a SkinPen microneedling procedure. Slight swelling and redness/pinkness in the area (like that from a mild sunburn) usually last only 24-48 hours, so you can return to work or social activities quickly. It also has minimal risk of scarring or infections. You can expect to have several days of pink skin and some sensitivity. The skin may have a “bronzed” appearance for several days post-treatment and this outer layer will begin to flake off, revealing glowing skin underneath.