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Silvy Nona, Licensed Medical Aesthetician

For some people, proper skin care is just a way of life. Silvy Nona’s innate love for all things skin care makes Pristine Rejuvenation the perfect place for her to flex her beautification muscles.

As a graduate of Douglas J Aveda Institute, Silvy brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the table for our clients, including her expertise on custom facials, dermaplaning, eyebrow/eyelash tinting, waxing, laser hair removal, chemical peels, microneedling, and eyelash extensions. Silvy dedicates herself to honing her craft by keeping up with all the latest trends and offerings in the ever-changing aesthetics industry. Her perpetual involvement in continuing education courses is certainly evidence of that.

“I strongly believe in furthering my education and staying up to date on what’s new in the skin care industry,” Silvy says.”

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Silvy moved to the U.S. with her family at the age of 4, calling Michigan home ever since. As a fluent speaker of English, Arabic, Aramaic, and even a good bit of French, this self-proclaimed people person doesn’t come across many folks she can’t strike up a conversation and friendship with.

From an early age, a heavy influence on the importance of self-care was instilled in Silvy, primarily thanks to her mother.

“My mom was always into skincare and taking care of her appearance,” Silvy said. “My two sisters and I grew up watching her and learning about skincare products and how to use them. I was always inspired when I was younger to take pride in my appearance.”

Although it took a little time for Silvy to come full circle and truly delve into aesthetics, she still carried her ingrained love of skin care with her throughout college and several subsequent positions in the corporate world. Though many of those positions were a far cry from her current beloved role as an aesthetician, each one still had value in helping Silvy to become a well-rounded person and eventually solidifying her true passion for aesthetics.

“I built a lot of skills for myself and was a jack of all trades,” she said. “I wanted to do everything until I found where I fit in the most, which is aesthetics. I’m happy that I gathered all these skills and gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I put it all together and am using it in my role now.”

As her passion for aesthetics grew, Silvy went back to school and began forging her professional path in the industry. Pristine Rejuvenation proprietor Eman Dahmani and her growing Instagram presence caught Silvy’s eye and compelled her to start a conversation.

“I saw one of her posts when I was still in aesthetician school, and I reached out to see if she was hiring,” Silvy explained. “She was looking for someone, but I was still working toward getting licensed at the time. She asked me to keep her posted on that process, so we stayed in touch. That’s how it all started.”

And Silvy will gladly attest that some professional relationships were just meant to be.

“I’m very happy that I ran into Eman,” she said. “Together I feel like we are going to create something really big out of this. She’s motivated, and I’m motivated.”

The pure joy of improving the quality of life for her clients is undeniably what keeps that motivation alive and thriving.

“I feel like anything that helps someone boost their confidence is a good thing,” Silvy said. “Skin care is a big part of it. To see my clients progressing and feeling better in their own skin is something that truly inspires me.”

Regardless of all the treatment options available at Pristine Rejuvenation, Silvy explains there’s no “magic bullet” that will solve all your skin issues if you’re not willing to put in effort of your own to maintain the results. That’s why educating on a customized at-home regimen is a big part of Silvy’s client interactions.

“I am a firm believer in educating clients on an optimal skincare routine to further support the treatments that they’re investing in with me,” Silvy said. “To be able to help my clients gain confidence and become comfortable in their own skin makes me feel very happy and proud of what I do. I just love all of it.”

In her free time, Silvy maintains her own strict self-care routine, including first-rate skin care, proper nutrition, and exercise. She also enjoys spending time with her friends (which she rarely meets a stranger) and pursing her favorite hobby of traveling the world when she can.

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Silvy Nona, Licensed Medical Aesthetician
Silvy Nona, Licensed Medical Aesthetician
Silvy Nona, Licensed Medical Aesthetician