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Dramatic, Enamel-Safe Teeth Whitening in West Bloomfield!

teeth whitening in West Bloomfield

Your teeth can get just as much attention as your skin or any other facial feature when it comes to your appearance. In fact, did you know teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in the world today? Well, now you can experience top-of-the-line teeth whitening in West Bloomfield at Pristine Rejuvenation thanks to the revolutionary NUYU Whitening system.

Methods for producing a healthy, bright smile in the dental world have greatly evolved over time, giving way to safer, more effective techniques. NUYU Whitening is the latest wave of this sought-after service providing superior results with revolutionary light technology. It’s a quick, safe, effective, painless, and affordable system used by dentists and med spas worldwide to put radiant smiles on countless patients’ faces.

What’s different about NUYU Teeth Whitening?

NUYU uses a patented pre-filled mouth tray and a Whitening Accelerator light that delivers intense cold light to illuminate the teeth and activate a special gel to boost the release of hydroxyl radicals for optimal teeth whitening. The pre-filled trays contain a carbamide peroxide/hydrogen peroxide hybrid formula that’s perfectly balanced and won’t damage your precious enamel.

Speaking of safety, ultra-violet and infrared light are completely removed by NUYU’s filtering system, leaving only a focused beam of cold light, which safely penetrates deep into the tooth and activates the special whitening formula. The whole treatment takes only about 30 minutes, then you’re free to carry out your regular activities.

How white can I expect my teeth to get with NUYU Whitening?

Individual results vary based on the level of staining you already have as well as your individual enamel thickness. Most people who experience NUYU Teeth Whitening in West Bloomfield typically see two to eight shades of improvement after their first session. Also, an additional one to three shades can be expected after any follow-up sessions. Two to four sessions (again, depending on your individual situation) are usually recommended to prevent any relapse of stains.

How long do results with NUYU Whitening last?

Factoring in your lifestyle, your diet, and how well you take care of your teeth, results generally last up to two years with proper maintenance. So be sure and take good care of those chompers after your treatment!

Is NUYU Whitening safe for my teeth?

NUYU Whitening is FDA approved with a specially formulated gel that is pH balanced and does not contain citric acid or silica, which are ingredients found in a lot of over-the-counter whitening strips available on the market today. These substances are known to cause sensitivity and eventual damage to enamel. If your teeth are normal and healthy, there won’t be any adverse side effects to the tooth’s enamel with NUYU. Also, the system was designed to be an effective, affordable, and pain-free treatment that delivers positively glowing results that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

It should be noted that the NUYU system was designed for whitening of healthy teeth only and should not be used as a substitution for regular visits to your dentist. 

Interested in getting your own NUYU Teeth Whitening in West Bloomfield?

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At your complimentary consultation, we’ll go over all the details and determine if this revolutionary whitening system is right for your pearly whites.