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Top 7 Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips For Maintaining Your Look 

Eyelash extensions have become immensely popular in recent years, providing a convenient way to enhance your lashes and achieve a more glamorous look. However, to ensure that your extensions last longer and stay in perfect condition, it’s essential to follow the proper aftercare routine. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 7 eyelash extension aftercare tips that will help you maintain your stunning look. 

1. Avoid touching or rubbing your lash extensions: 

One of the most important aftercare tips is to avoid touching or rubbing your lash extensions. Constantly touching them can cause premature shedding or damage. It’s crucial to be gentle and handle your lashes with care. 

2. Avoid oil-based products: 

Oil-based skincare and makeup products can weaken the adhesive used to attach the lash extensions. It’s recommended to opt for oil-free products to keep your extensions intact. Be cautious while using eye creams, cleansers, or any other skincare products close to your lashes. 

3. Brush your lashes daily: 

Brushing your lashes daily helps to keep them in good shape and prevent tangling. Gently comb through your lashes using a clean spoolie brush or a lash wand provided by your lash technician. This will also help to distribute the natural oils from your roots to the tips, promoting lash health. 

4. Cleanse your lashes regularly: 

Maintaining clean lashes is crucial for preventing any buildup of dirt, oils, or makeup residue. Use a specifically designed lash cleanser or a mild, oil-free cleanser to clean your lashes. When cleansing, gently rub the base of your lashes with your fingertips to remove any debris, but avoid tugging or pulling on them. 

5. Avoid excessive exposure to heat and steam: 

Excessive exposure to heat and steam can weaken the lash adhesive, causing the extensions to loosen or fall off prematurely. Avoid steam rooms, hot showers, saunas, or prolonged exposure to direct heat sources like ovens and blow dryers. 

6. Be mindful of sleeping positions: 

Sleeping on your stomach or sides with your face pressed against the pillow can cause friction and damage to your lash extensions. The best sleeping position to maintain your lashes is on your back. If that’s not possible, consider using a silk or satin pillowcase. These materials create less friction and also prevent the lashes from getting tangled. 

7. Avoid mascara and eyelash curlers: 

The purpose of eyelash extensions is to give you fuller and longer lashes, eliminating the need for mascara or eyelash curlers. Using these products can be damaging to the extensions, and it may also affect the longevity of the adhesive. If you feel the need for extra volume, consult with your lash technician who can provide an appropriate solution. 


By following these top 7 aftercare tips, you can ensure that your eyelash extensions last longer and stay in great condition. Remember to be gentle with your lashes, avoid oil-based products, and clean them regularly. Also, protect your lashes from excessive heat and friction, and avoid using mascara or eyelash curlers. With proper aftercare, you’ll continue to enjoy the stunning and glamorous look that eyelash extensions provide. 

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